Worth Reading

Think Again - Adam Grant

Seldom are issues, especially those that give rise to conflict, simply black or white, right or wrong. As humans, we tend to have "binary bias" which helps us to simplify a complex matter into two categories. However, the problem with this is it causes us to "take sides" vs engaging in what Adam Grant calls "complexifying". Complexifying allows us to explore a range of perspectives on a topic which helps us to "think again" and appreciate the varying shades of grey in perspectives. Doing so, can reduce polarisation and increase respect for inclusion. Adam Grant suggests asking questions when faced with potential binary conversations by saying "Can we debate this", which sends a message that you wish to be curious versus being a preacher or a prosecutor. This may encourage the other person to do the same - and in my experience, this approach works. This helps us to stay curious. Try it, it works!